Be safe, be seen, be alert

Be safe, be seen, be alert

Guidance when running outdoors

Hi-viz, reflective, light or bright clothing should be worn at all times whether off-road or on-road for the following reasons:

·            On-road: other road users will see you from a distance

·             Off-road: should you have an accident; you will be more easily located by passersby, mountain rescue teams, and rescue helicopters

·             Dog walkers can see you in time to keep their dogs under control

·             Horse-riders can prepare their horses to avoid potential panic

·             Wild-fowlers, game hunters (yes they are around the Muir) will see you better

·             Mountain bikers will spot you, with luck, before colliding with you


It is not recommended that runners listen to music while out of doors

·             You can’t hear following cars

·             Cyclists yelling to move

·             Unleashed dogs

·             Horses

·             Or any other potential threat


Rules of the road for runners. 

·             Run on the side of the road facing on-coming traffic 

·             Don’t make assumptions about drivers- they may not see you

·             Take care crossing roads

·             Don’t step suddenly off the pavement