Vulnerable Person Statement

Muir of Ord Jogscotland

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Statement


Muir of Ord Jogscotland Group (the Group) offers anyone over 12 years of age the opportunity to join the various jogging/ running sessions organised each week and to become a member of the Group should they decide to attend on a regular basis.


The Club Committee recognises that within the membership there may be young people or people with special support needs who may be vulnerable during sessions and who therefore require additional support.  This statement explains how the Group will ensure the safety and well-being of anyone requiring additional support.


The Group’s Welfare Officer has overall responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of any group members requiring additional support.  The Welfare Officer will have PVG Scheme Membership Record that will be subject to periodic checks.


The Welfare Officer will be advised of any young person or person with additional support needs joining the Group and will keep a record of members requiring additional support including a note of the arrangements for providing support.


Young People under the age of 16 must have provided the Group with a Consent Form signed by the young person and a parent or guardian - see Appendix 1: Young Person’s Parental Consent Form.  Young People must agree to abide by the Rules for Young Runners and the agreement (running plan) with the Group about their participation in Group sessions.


Wherever possible the Group will establish an agreement with any person with additional support needs about the arrangements for providing support.   Where it is not possible to establish a clear agreement, a plan for monitoring the member will be agreed among jog-leaders and the Club Committee.


Rules for Young Runners:

A young person wishing to join the Group must first arrange to complete a Young Person's Parental Consent Form.  The young person and their parent/ carer should discuss with a jog-leader:

·         the  arrangements for the young person's involvement in the group

·         the Group rules for young runners

·         the running/ support plan for the young person – young people should be encouraged to join a slow or middle paced group until their fitness level and running ability can properly be assessed.


A clear agreement should be reached with the young person and their carer about the arrangements for the young person getting to and getting home from sessions.


The young person should be made aware of the importance of wearing suitable clothing and footwear and that they may be refused permission to take part in a session if they are not wearing suitable trainers or a reflective top during the winter months.


The young person must agree to run with their 'designated group’ and jog-leader until their running plan is reviewed and amended.


Failure to abide by these rules will result in a meeting involving the young person and their parent or carer.  The young person may be asked to leave the group should they be unwilling to abide by the rules or the running agreement with the Group.

Version 1.0   Review date 2013